Edifier H840 Headphones Mods

There’s not a lot of information about this headphone in the English-speaking world. How do I know? Well I have tried to look for references with little success.

Edifier seems to have a reputation for offering a good bang for your buck. They have a selection of multimedia speakers, and their H180 and H185 earbuds seem to have a good following in the earbuds lovers community. I read enough about H840 to pull the trigger on one. My flatmate at the time got one as well, in dark blue. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I found a nice braided cable that’s just laying around unused. I decided to recable the H840.

This cable has a measured lower resistance (0.86 Ohm) and capacitance (65pF) compared to the stock cable (1.43 Ohm and 194pF). The sound became more open and balanced. I felt it was too bass-heavy in stock condition. I realized there is some potential in these headphones. They are made with good quality material, but their clamping force is too strong for my big head and their earpads are halfway between on-ear and over-ear for me.

Tools and materials for the mod.
Modeling clay or some sort of ‘blu tack’ on the backside of the baffle helps clean up the midrange, instruments in the midrange has more clarity now.
A blob of clay, one felt pad, and some dacron helps to cut and clean up the bass like you wouldn’t believe! The more dacron you put, the less bass you will get, and the more congested the sound will be. Adjust to taste. I end up with 0.2 grams only.
Rubber foam material that I bought from automotive rubber store, 7 mm diameter.
With the material above, I made o-rings and put one inside each pad to lift it. In the photo above, only one has it, see how one sits higher than the other.
From another angle. Now you know what I mean. In real life it’s really not that visible. It put some extra distance from the baffle to your ear, resulting in more open sound and expand the stage considerably.
Cut up the same material to fill between the ribs on the cups. Notice the felt pad on the baffle – it cuts sibilance on some tracks without any negative effect that I can discern.

I’m really happy with the results. To some, the above will be just pseudo-science at best. But these mods are totally reversible in case you want to return it back to stock, or you don’t like where the last step of the mod is taking you. Feel free to experiment. In my case the H840 now is more balanced, has more detailed, and pleasant to listen to.


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