Sony MH750

Repost from user Slater in Head-Fi forum: The genuine MH750 are basically built exactly the same as the genuine MH755, and almost all of the telltale signs of a genuine MH755 also carry over to the genuine MH750: 1. The genuine has an all-black nylon mesh nozzle filter. The fakes have white filters (that may …

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KB Ear KB04 In-Ear Monitor Review

I can easily recommend the KB04. It offers a more mature sound signature compared to the majority of IEM in its price range. It is well built, comfortable to wear, and offers a variety of tuning with some ear tips rolling. It does girl-and-a-guitar and your classic jazz trio beautifully, but multi-instrument, high-paced music is where the KB04 truly excels. Take it a step further and feed the KB04 with clean, high-amplitude signal, and you will be pleasantly surprised.