Burson Playmate with V6 Vivid and Classic – Sound Impressions

Having the V6 Classic in the I/V stage and the V6 Vivid in the LPF stage improves the already technically-excellent Playmate by adding texture and revealing more details in the recording. Even with the increased detail, there is no harshness to speak of. It is pleasant to listen to, it provides ample detail for those who demand it, and it has enough power to drive any headphones or power amp to satisfy any listener. Congratulations, Burson Audio, on this fine product.


Burson Playmate with V6 Vivid and Classic – Unboxing

I have owned the Playmate for a little over six months, and throughout that time, it remains the DAC/Preamp of choice, despite some other changes in my system. Most notable change was the addition of an active crossover and a mono amp to power my subwoofer. Both for my 2.1 speakers system and headphone listening, …

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Tutorial Modifikasi Amplifier Kinter MA-170

Halo Teman-Teman, selamat datang di blog WillyBoy Audio! Dalam artikel ini saya akan menunjukkan cara modifikasi amplifier yang cukup terkenal di kalangan penggemar audio kerehore yaitu Kinter MA-170: Sudah pernah lihat kan amplifier ini? Kalau kamu baca artikel ini, kemungkinan kamu sudah punya amplifier ini atau sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membelinya. Walaupun dalam kondisi standar amplifier …

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